Building materials

Building materials

Historical buildings, comfortable homes and modern skyscrapers would all be impossible without lime. FELS lime proves its value hundreds of times every day in the building materials industry. It lends stability to such white wall-building materials as sand-lime bricks and autoclaved aerated concrete, is used as an aggregate in concrete, cements the stones together in mortar and spruces up our façades when used as render. Lime is the link element in the construction industry and synonymous with ecological construction.

Calcium silicate units

FELS lime proves its value in the building materials industry every single day. Mixed with sand and water, our fine ground high-calcium limes are compressed under vapour pressure to form calcium silicate units of high density and stability.

Autoclaved aerated concrete

Autoclaved aerated concrete also owes its special properties – outstanding thermal insulation and low weight – to fine ground high-calcium lime and hydrated high-calcium lime from FELS.