Chemical industry

Chemical industry

Numerous applications in the chemical industry use FELS lime products to introduce high levels of calcium and alkalinity into chemical processes.
Calcium carbide is produced by fusing FELS lime and coal at temperatures around 2000 ° C. It is used in metallurgical processes and to produce acetylene for welding. Nitrolime, a fertiliser which also controls weeds and crop diseases, is similarly produced from calcium carbide.

In the production of aluminium oxide, from which ceramic products and aluminium metal are obtained, FELS lime is used in digestion of the bauxite raw material and for recovery of the lye. Soda can only be produced cost-efficiently when using lime to regenerate the ammonia.

Pulp production from wood fibre also involves the use of FELS lime. The digesting lye is causticised and returned to the circulation.

Lime is also used in the synthesis of basic organic chemical materials. Propylene oxide made with milk of lime is a precursor of the propylene glycols from which polyurethanes are made.  


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