Lime products from Fels cause immediate and long-term reactions in soils.

Through soil improvement or soil consolidation with lime, difficult soils can be used as building materials in many areas of the building industry. This saves costs for complex construction methods and soil replacement. Roads and transport routes do not have to be subjected to excessive stress.

Traffic areas whose subsoil and/or substructure can be improved and consolidated with lime:

  1. motorways, federal, state, district and municipal roads
  2. railway tracks
  3. Take-off, landing and taxiways at airports
  4. Car parks, depots
  5. Agricultural and forestry roads

Improvement and hardening with lime products is also used successfully:

  1. Soil stabilization to increase soil pressure under buildings
  2. Laying of all types of pipelines (trench filling)
  3. Insulation in hydraulic engineering (river dikes, canal construction, water basins)
  4. Stabilization of embankments: Avoidance of slippage
  5. Protective Measures for the Earth Planum
  6. Construction sites and transport routes
  7. Rehabilitation of natural gas and oil fields

The use of Fels lime in earthworks is a proven method of making unsuitable soils usable as building materials. The subsoil and substructure of traffic areas are stabilised in the same way as the subsoil under buildings.

Fels lime removes water from the soil due to its reactive calcium oxide and thus directly improves the installation and bearing capacity. The floor becomes permanently firm, insensitive to the penetration of water and thus frost-resistant.