Energy management


Our energy policy

We, the company Fels-Werke GmbH, hereby commit ourselves to reduce our energy consumption in the long term and to increase our energy efficiency and energy-related performance in a continuous improvement process.

We have introduced an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 to ensure that all requirements of this standard are correctly implemented.

A main objective of the company is the continuous optimization of energy efficiency, energy use, energy management system and process technology using the best possible technology.

We will also regularly check that

  1. the necessary financial, personnel, technical and structural conditions are ensured;
  2. relevant legal obligations and other requirements are taken into account and complied with;
  3. the energy team in the company is given the necessary skills to implement measures in the field of energy; .
  4. the internal organisation for controlling and implementing the energy-relevant aspects is constantly improved;
  5. all employees are integrated into the implementation of the energy management system and responsibilities are defined;
  6. all employees are made aware of energy-conscious behaviour in the workplace through regular information;
  7. Information for energy-conscious behaviour at the workplace is also passed on to service providers/contractors;
  8. Energy is used sparingly and responsibly in the company, so that the consumption of energy raw materials in the company takes place in the sense of a sustainable use of resources;
  9. our products are manufactured in energy-efficient plants or, in the case of new production and product processing processes, their energy efficiency is guaranteed;
  10. energy aspects/energy data are regularly determined and checked;
  11. technical measures to promote energy and cost efficiency in the production facilities and during loading processes are correctly implemented or carried out;
  12. products and services that are as energy-efficient as possible and energy-related services are taken into account in long-term planning;
  13. the results are measured, reviewed and updated through regular audits and energy team meetings;
  14. quantified targets are formed and measurably implemented;
  15. appropriate EnPIs (Energy Performance Indicators) are formulated and tracked;
  16. the results of the energetic performance are evaluated in a management review.

Goslar, 11.04.2012

The Management Board