Environment policy


The documented environment policy of Fels-Werke GmbH applies to all the company's locations. Specific environmental measures for the individual lime production plants are defined every year on the basis of environmental objectives.

Compliance with statutory regulations and official requirements is one of the most important duties of Fels-Werke GmbH. Continuous improvement of environmental protection, eco-management and process engineering using the best possible technology is another primary objective.

We make best efforts to encourage our customers and suppliers to embrace environmental practices. Our eco-management system to DIN EN ISO 14001:2005 ensures that the general public and the public authorities are regularly informed of the environmental measures undertaken by Fels-Werke GmbH.

As a matter of principle, Fels-Werke GmbH constantly seeks to further reduce the environmental impacts resulting from the production, shipment and processing of the products. New processes and new products are tested beforehand with regard to their impact on the environment.


As the company strives for maximum public acceptance of its activities and products, all relevant information on environmental impacts is made available to the general public.

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