Lime helps to protect the environment in a variety of ways. Safeguarding and restoring a clean environment is one of the most important areas of use for FELS lime products today. Particularly the byproducts (exhaust gases and effluent) from incineration plants and industry have to be treated.

Exhaust gas purification

Lime ensures low emission values when purifying exhaust gases. Special lime mixtures reduce acid pollutant gases and absorb mercury and dioxins / furans. In this way, the pollutants are converted and the air remains clean. Every year, FELS supplies well over a million tons of high-quality lime products just for this one area of use – for flue gas desulphurisation in power plants, waste incineration plants and industrial plants.

Neutralisation of effluent (sewage plants)

Lime neutralises the effluent in sewage plants. FELS' application engineers are European leaders in adjusting the acid capacity (pH value) to stabilise the biological sewage treatment process. Process water from industry can be purified with milk of lime and returned to the water circulation. The quality of rivers and lakes as a habitat for micro-organisms can also be improved with a lime-based buffer against acids and alkalis.

Rehabilitation of contaminated sites

The rehabilitation of contaminated sites is a speciality of FELS. Residues from oil refineries or scavenging sludge from oil wells are only two examples of such contaminations. Special lime products from FELS are used to neutralise acids, bind heavy metals and support the degradation of pollutants. Soils and sludges are stabilised so that they can be transported for disposal.