Facts & figures

Facts & figures

Fels operates six lime production plants in Germany, one dolomitic lime plant, one mortar plant and one lime and mortar production plant in the Czech Republic. In Germany, Fels is the second-largest supplier of high-quality lime products; in the Czech Republic, we are the market leader.


Altogether, we produce about 5 million tons of lime and limestone in Germany for a wide variety of applications. For this purpose, we operate a total of 39 kilns with an annual capacity of over 2 million tons of quicklime. In our plants, natural limestone which meets the highest quality requirements is calcined into quicklime at temperatures between 900 °C and 1200 °C. Special processes ensure that our products conform to the highest standards of purity and reactivity.

Refinement is performed in modern grinding and hydrating plants. Grinding capacities of just under 3 million tons and hydrating capacities of more than 0.3 million tons ensure sufficient availability and a reliable supply chain for our customers.


In 1993, Fels led the German lime industry in introducing DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management at its plants. Our lime production plants continue to be certified to this international standard. The Fels quality management system is constantly being improved and it is audited by independent experts every year.

Environmental protection

Fels has operated an environmental management system for many years. All elements of this system are checked by regular audits and any necessary improvements are initiated. Before new processes and products are introduced, their impact on the environment is evaluated. We are committed to constantly reducing the environmental impact of our production, processing and delivery activities.

Recycling of raw materials makes an important contribution to Fels’ environmentally compatible operations, as is shown by the following example. Our lime products are used to desulphurise flue gases of power plants. This process produces FGD gypsum which Fels preprocesses in a special plant to stucco. The resulting purified gypsum is processed into high-quality Fermacell gypsum fibre boards.