Limestone as grit for concrete

Kalkstein als Betonsplitt

Fels grit is made of high-quality hard limestone. As aggregates in concrete, they ensure the highest quality, especially with regard to compressive, bending tensile and splitting tensile strengths. The close relationship of our limestones with the binder cement creates a particularly durable bond.

The strengths of Fels grit for concrete lie wherever increased demands are placed on the concrete, such as rapid strength development, low thermal expansion, high fire resistance or even a high-quality design. They are used in the following areas:

  1. General buildings
  2. Bridge building
  3. Parking spaces, parking decks
  4. Concrete pipes
  5. Precast concrete parts such as concrete guide walls
  6. Retaining walls
  7. Tunnel

As always, only high-quality ingredients create optimum results. Those who save here save at the wrong end.


  1. High green stability
  2. Low chloride content
  3. Frost resistant
  4. High resistance to frost and de-icing salt stress
  5. Good adhesion properties
  6. Low thermal expansion, low shrinkage and high modulus of elasticity in concrete
  7. Low wear on machines and means of transport
  8. High resistance to alkali-silica reaction (ASR)
  9. Optimum properties for the production of light-coloured concrete

Rapid development of the green stability ensures that limestone concrete parts can be struck earlier. This saves time and money. Limestone concrete also offers economic advantages wherever components with increased fire resistance are required. The low thermal expansion of the Fels grit is an additional advantage, especially for mass concrete, such as in bridge or dam construction. The pumpability of the concrete is maintained by our grit even under the most difficult conditions and with extremely high concretes.