Our customers can rely on transport processes geared to safeguarding the quality of our products and ensuring on-time delivery. But that is not all. FELS believes in providing a complete logistics package which is constantly being expanded.

We deliver by train or by truck. Rail transport, which is preferable from an environmental point of view, is used for more than 50 percent of all FELS products based on concepts drawn up in conjunction with railway operators and haulage companies. We offer our customers a complete supply package covering all their lime requirements.

On request, our customers' silo levels can be electronically checked to ensure constant just-in-time deliveries. We can also provide complete silo systems, including materials handling units, measurement and control instrumentation, as well as convenient control and monitoring functions.

This equipment can be made available on a turn-key basis with minimum lead times.

Loading and unloading the lime wagons is another service provided by FELS. Our understanding of logistics also extends to the commercial processes and we are already working on the development of fully automated straight-through processing structures. Put us to the test!

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