Management policy

Management policy of FELS-Werke GmbH (excerpt)


Customer satisfaction and security of supply are cornerstones of our quality concept

  1. Our quality concept begins  before production - here the basis for perfect and best product quality is laid.
  2. The processes of our processes according to regulated standards and guidelines ensure that we comply with set standards and requirements.
  3. Our quality management ensures legal compliance with existing and applicable environmental and safety standards.
  4. Uniform, transparent documentation ensures the efficient and continuous updating of our management system.
  5. To fulfil our responsibility, we rely on our employees. Their identification with our company and their know-how form the basis of our value creation.



Responsible use of natural resources such as limestone and water is of central importance to us.

  1. The aim is to design the production and transport processes as optimally as possible in order to keep emissions as low as possible.
  2. We aim to make maximum use of the rock material extracted and to minimise stockpiling.
  3. The internal organisation for the control and implementation of environmental protection measures, as well as the sensitisation of employees to environmentally conscious behaviour, is subject to a continuous improvement process.
  4. Recultivation and renaturation of the areas we use are firmly anchored in our long-term planning.


Efficient use of energy - conservation of energy resources and optimisation of production costs

  1. Increasing energy efficiency is the primary objective of the energy management system.
  2. We want to avoid wasting energy and reduce our production costs by continuously optimizing our plants and processes.
  3. Regular and accurate determination of energy consumption and energy performance indicators facilitates the identification of optimization potentials.
  4. Every employee can contribute to the implementation of energy saving targets through energy-conscious behaviour.

GMP / HACCP TWA (animal feed) / (drinking water)

Special standards require special attention - limestones and limestone products for animal feed and drinking water are monitored separately by us

  1. Dismantling, processing, transport - we demonstrate complete compliance with quality standards.
  2. Compliance with the statutory provisions of the Feed Ordinance and compliance with official requirements must be ensured.
  3. Quality assurance for animal feed and drinking water is based on risk analyses, so that dangers can be identified early and averted by preventive measures.