Milk of lime / lime putty

Milk of lime / lime putty

Application (milk of lime)

The use of ready-made milk of lime, e.g. as a neutralising agent for applications in environmental protection or in the chemical industry, spares customers the need to prepare a dry lime product themselves. FELS milk of lime is supplied in special tanker trucks or small IBC containers.

Production (milk of lime)

Milk of lime products with various customised solid contents are produced by controlled quenching of fine ground high-calcium lime with water or by suspending hydrated high-calcium lime in water.

Application (lime putty)

FELS lime putty is excellently suited for construction purposes such as the renovation and restoration of historical buildings.

Production (lime putty)

FELS lime putty is produced from high-calcium pebble lime in a special wet slaking process with precisely adjusted storage times to ensure particular purity and good application properties.