Precautions at Fels regarding the coronavirus

The Coronavirus currently presents us with a wide variety of challenges that each and every one of us faces at home and at work. In order to help contain the spread of the virus on the one hand, but also to fulfil our duty of care towards our employees and to continue to ensure normal business operations, we have implemented various measures internally that are immediately applicable.

Thanks to timely and extensive measures taken, our delivery reliability is still guaranteed. All measures taken so far to safeguard the health of all persons at our sites and with regard to customer supply are showing very good results. The recommendations of the German Federal Ministry of Health and the Robert Koch Institute are continuously monitored and adopted as required.

In our internal communications, we have made recommendations and specific instructions or restrictions on how to deal with the current challenges. This generally applies to hygiene measures, behaviour at the workplace and in the private environment, right up to restricted travel planning. Necessity of visits and meetings are actively questioned or held with the use of digital media.  Visitors and service providers must provide information on their last travel activity when registering at one of our plants or assure that they are not currently subject to Corona suspicion or have come into contact with persons with such suspicion. In addition, our visitors must also comply with stricter precautionary measures (e. g. no shaking hands and keeping a sufficient distance) and internal hygiene rules.

We have implemented these measures to protect the health of employees, business partners and visitors. We therefore ask for your understanding if some measures should possibly lead to inconvenience.