Principles & values

Principles & values

Our employees are the basis of our company’s success

Fels depends on highly qualified, motivated and committed employees who constantly use their entrepreneurial spirit and action to push ahead the company’s development on a domestic and international level. These employees are the key to our success. This is why we attach great importance to good education and training. As a partner to our employees, we help them perform to their potential and create promising long-term prospects for our company and our employees. Working with Fels means that every employee is offered opportunities for professional and personal growth. We offer our employees a modern, motivating and pleasant working environment. The principle of equal opportunities - irrespective of sex, ethnic origin and age - is central to our HR policy.

Key qualifications

Successful HR management ensures that the right people work at the right place at the right time. To help us identify the right candidates worldwide, we use six key qualifications which express our values and standards and thus our corporate culture.

  1. Determination. “Pursuing an objective with stamina.”
  2. Entrepreneurial spirit. “Understanding tomorrow’s challenges today.”
  3. Communication and the ability to deal with conflict. “Integrating through open-mindedness, convincing through facts.”
  4. Management skills. “Managing change through leadership and conveying confidence.”
  5. Orientation towards people and cultures. “Connecting diversity in an international company.”
  6. Professional approach. “Turning expertise into efficient solutions.”

The way we deal with each other

We believe in partnership, whether it concerns our colleagues, customers, suppliers or society. We do our utmost to maintain and expand our partners’ trust. Our good reputation is important to us and we constantly work to improve it. Our company and our employees attach great importance to integrity. Fairness, confidence, respect, honesty and reliability are characteristic of the way we deal with each other and our business partners.