Research & development

Investment in research and development is a key element of our corporate policy. Working in close collaboration with universities and public institutions, our R&D experts constantly run projects on new and improved uses of lime.

Our laboratories are optimally equipped for this purpose. Using comprehensive analytical systems, we are able to determine and customise the chemical composition of our products down to the trace elements. Furthermore we are able to measure their physical parameters from the specific surface area to particle size distribution in nanoscale.

Our analytical activities range from geological exploration to our final products. From comprehensive assessments of limestone deposits to preliminary exploration using geoelectrical methods to the efficient control of quarrying activities through systematic core drilling, we spare no effort to ensure the consistent quality of the products delivered to our customers. By optimising important properties of lime such as fineness, surface, purity, whiteness and flow, we assist our customers in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of their lime applications.

Ongoing quality checks at our laboratories, backed up by external inspection services, make sure that the high level of quality is maintained on a day-to-day basis.