We are Fels.
We produce lime for life.

We have highly qualified employees, unique raw materials and state-of-the-art plants – this makes us one of Europe’s leading lime suppliers.

We produce lime, limestone and mineral mixtures – indispensable for a strong and sustainable economy.

We are a partner to the steel and building materials industry and numerous other sectors – particularly in the environmental field.

Facts & Figures






Million euro turnover






tonnes of production

150 380

Millions of years of rock age

900 1200

We burn lime from natural limestone at these temperatures


tonnes of deposits

Principles & values

We represent five strong values, act on an equal footing with our customers and take responsibility for our employees and the environment.


    We protect and help each other. For us, there are no compromises when it comes to occupational health and safety and product safety.


    We are working to continuously improve For our customers, employees, owners and for the environment.


    We comply with applicable law and work responsibly and ethically.


    We are part of an international group and are rooted in our locations. Both characterise our actions.


    We speak a clear language and are uncomplicated. We want good, lasting relationships – with our employees, customers and owners.

Portrait & company history

  • 1938

    Steine und Erden GmbH

    The origins of Fels-Werke go back to Steine und Erden GmbH, which was founded in the Salzgitter area.

  • 1950

    Administration in Goslar

    The administration moves to Goslar in the Harz Mountains.

  • 1971

    Fels becomes company name

    In 1971, Fels-Werke GmbH becomes the official company name.

  • 1991

    Acquisition of Harz Kalk GmbH

    After reunification, Fels-Werke – then a subsidiary of Preussag AG – acquired Harz-Kalk GmbH with sites in the Upper Harz and Thuringia.

  • 1990s

    Internationalisation and acquisitions

    In 1993, Fels acquires shares in a lime plant in Lestina (Czech Republic), later the Rüdersdorf and Saal plants. The company is now the second largest lime producer in Germany.

  • 2001-2005

    Acquisitions and name changes

    2001 Franz Haniel & Cie. takes over Fels-Werke. Parts of Haniel are renamed Xella International in 2005 – Fels is now part of Xella.

  • 2008-2016

    Acquisitions and name changes

    In 2008 Goldman Sachs and PAI buy Xella International, in 2016 the investor Lone Star Funds takes over.

  • 2017

    Takeover by CRH

    Since 2017, Fels has been part of CRH (Cement Roadstone Holding plc.) based in Dublin, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of building materials.

  • 2024

    Takeover by SigmaRoc

    Since 2024, Fels has been part of SigmaRoc PLC, an up-and-coming, listed building materials group based in London. SigmaRoc is active at over 90 locations throughout Europe.

Management team

We represent strong values, act on an equal footing with our customers and thus take responsibility for our employees and the environment.

Dr. Burkhard Naffin

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

“I am driven by the desire to actively shape the necessary changes and give the rock spirit a new meaning: Fels – lime for life!” Learn more

Christian Schäfer

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

“Fels, the employees and teams inspire and motivate me time and time again. Constantly new challenges and opportunities that we will successfully master together in the future!” Learn more

Henning Weber

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

“As part of the CO2-intensive industry, Fels not only has a special responsibility, but also the opportunity to actively do something for climate protection and thus for future generations. It motivates me to be a part of this change.” Learn more

Thomas Vels

Commercial Director

“At Fels, it is exciting every day to find out in which industries and applications our lime is needed and to fulfil these customer requirements as a team.” Learn more


Saal an der Donau
Vitošov (Czech Republic)
Kaltes Tal
  • Hornberg

    The kilns at the Hornberg lime plant are used in particular to burn specific limes for the building materials industry. The high-quality raw stone is extracted in our own open-cast mine in Elbingerode. The plant is connected to the Fels Netz GmbH infrastructure.

  • Saal an der Donau

    In addition to the particularly high-quality limestone deposits, the Saal plant has excellent transport links. In addition to the road and rail links, there is also a connection to the Main-Danube Canal.

  • Gillersheim

    The lime works in southern Lower Saxony mainly produces specific dolomitic lime for the steel industry.

  • Rübeland

    At our Rübeland site in the Upper Harz region, we have state-of-the-art kiln technologies that enable us to produce lime qualities with a wide range of reactivity. Over 60% of the lime products are transported in an environmentally friendly manner via the company’s own railway connection.

  • Vitošov (Czech Republic)

    This plant, located between Prague and Olomouc, produces high-quality lime and dry mortar products. The raw stone is extracted in our own open-cast mine.

  • Rüdersdorf

    In Rüdersdorf near Berlin, lime from the nearby open-cast mine has been refined for centuries. The main customers are the construction and building materials industries.

  • Münchehof

    Since 1938, high-quality limestone has been extracted at this site in the Winterberg open-cast mine and refined at the Münchehof plant. The company’s own railway connection makes it possible to transport even large quantities to the customer in an environmentally friendly way.

  • Goslar

    The head office of Fels-Werke GmbH has been located in the city of Goslar on the edge of the Harz Mountains since 1950. About 100 employees work here.

  • Kaltes Tal

    In modern production facilities, the limestone extracted from our own open-cast mine is processed into specific burned and unburned products for a wide range of customer applications. The site has its own railway connection.

  • Niemegk

    The plant in Brandenburg mainly produces thin-bed mortar and other mortar products. The site has a state-of-the-art laboratory for mortar development.

  • Großenlüder

    The site in Hesse is used as a terminal and specialises in lime products and lime-cement mixtures, which are used for soil improvement in civil engineering and road construction.

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