Fels-Werke is the second largest lime and limestone manufacturer in Germany and a leading one in Europe. Lime and limestone products for industrial applications are produced at a total of 9 sites with 7 lime plants.

The CO2 is dissolved out of the stone in the process – calcium oxide /  quicklime remains.

The Elbingerode limestone open-cast mine is currently 1,200 metres long, 1,000 metres wide with three levels each 30 metres deep, i.e. 90 metres in total.

Lime is an integral part of our everyday lives. Whether consciously or unconsciously, each of us comes into contact with products every day, for whose production lime is essential.

The start of the day

Waterworks turn surface and groundwater into drinking water so that we can shower, wash and drink. Lime plays a major role in drinking water and wastewater treatment.

A hot tea or strong coffee to wake you up

A little sugar sweetens the start. Sugar factories need lime to bind non-sugar substances in the raw juice obtained from the sugar beet.

The Germans’ favourite toy

Whether e-mobility or conventional combustion engine – a car consists to a large extent of high-quality special steels, for the production of which lime is an irreplaceable raw material.

The way to work leads over lime and limestone

Only lime gives the road a stable base and maintains its long-term load-bearing capacity. Hydrate in the asphalt surface layer sustainably increases the ‘durability’ of the road surface.

Let your gaze wander

The view through the glass of the office windows is also made possible by limestone – it serves as a hardening and purifying element in glass production.

Healthy vegetables for a light lunch

Lime products ensure sustainable soil fertility and counteract soil acidification. Lime is indispensable for fertile soils and healthy plants.

A solid basis for documents

Paper is indispensable despite digitalisation. In paper production, lime products are the most used colourants for coated papers. They are also used as a filler in the paper pulp or pigment in the coating colour. Lime products give paper maximum whiteness and improve printability.

“If your cat feels good, you feel good too!”

Happy cat  –  happy life. The house cat prefers to do its business on cat litter. Lime is an essential component of cat litter. 

A light goes on for you

Power stations supply us with electricity for light, for cooking, and now also for driving. Lime is used for flue gas purification – it binds pollutants so that they cannot escape into the atmosphere.

The reward for a long day

Lime products are used specifically in agriculture. Feed lime strengthens the animal’s bone structure, it provides important trace elements and minerals and it strengthens the immune system, thus the use of antibiotics can be minimised.

Home sweet home

Feel-good atmosphere at home with lime. Enhanced stability, less energy consumption, optimum indoor climate – the raw material lime is an indispensable part of modern residential construction.

Keep smiling

Limestone for white and healthy teeth. As an ingredient in toothpaste, calcium carbonate is added as a cleaning agent.