BVK occupational safety competition – gold, silver and bronze for Fels locations

The winners of the occupational safety competition for 2023 were announced at the annual general meeting of the Federal Association of the German Lime Industry. To our great delight, Fels-Werke was awarded the first three places. Once again, BVK Managing Director Martin Ogilvie travelled to Fels to hand over the certificates in person.

It should be emphasised in particular that the Münchehof and Hornberg plants defended their titles from last year. This has never happened before in the 37-year history of the competition. Defending the title!

All plants exceeded last year’s safety index. This shows the remarkable progress and performance that now prevails in this competition! The plant managers of the winning locations have already announced that this outstanding success will be properly celebrated with their colleagues.

The Münchehof lime works received the gold certificate for outstanding results with a safety index of 352.80.
One of two silver certificates went to the Rübeland lime works with a safety index of 258.86.
The Hornberg movement with safety index 209.42 is one of the three bronze holders.

In addition, a special prize for occupational safety was awarded to the trainee workshop in Rübeland. In order to make the processing of heavy beams even safer, they have developed a special support stand for heavy loads, which is equipped with an interchangeable support that can be adapted or exchanged depending on the part to be processed.

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