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Childcare pme

Through our cooperation with pme, we offer solution-oriented counselling to help our employees choose the right form of childcare for their children and find a suitable childcare solution. In the event of childcare bottlenecks, the service is available via a hotline and can arrange emergency care at short notice.

Support with caring for family members

In the unexpected event that one of our employees’ relatives requires nursing care, they can take time off work to organise the necessary nursing care. pme helps them with this and supports them in their search for nursing staff.

Mobile working

To enable our employees to combine their family life with their job in the best possible way, Fels offers the option of mobile working, depending on the position held. In compliance with the provisions of collective agreements and internal company regulations, flexible working hours are guaranteed, because employees who are supported in reconciling family and career are more satisfied and motivated.

Family friendliness

Fels also offers support in the implementation of parental leave for fathers. We want to give families the opportunity to enjoy their time together.

Flexible working hours

We offer family-friendly working time models, depending on the applicable collective labour agreement. If, for example, you want to finish a project or simply want to be a little late for work, that’s no problem. The individual and flexible organisation of working hours makes it easier to balance work and private life.

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