Fels-Werke and Harz Energie open e-fuelling station in Münchehof

In recent years, Fels-Werke has already taken on social responsibility through numerous measures and initiatives in Münchehof and the surrounding area, which it has supported or taken on completely. The specific needs of the location always take centre stage when it comes to support measures. Against the backdrop of climate change and the energy and mobility transition, it was only natural that Fels took the initiative to encourage and support the installation of an electric charging station in Münchehof.

The idea was immediately well received by the city. In Harz Energie, a suitably competent and pragmatic partner was found, who then took over the realisation.

On 06.12. the first public electric charging station was put into operation in Münchehof. Harz Energie Managing Director Konrad Aichner and André Göbel, Plant Manager in Münchehof, inaugurated the fast-charging station in Thüringer Straße in front of the Brieske bakery.
Harz Energie GmbH & Co. KG from Osterode am Harz was not only responsible for the planning and construction, but is also in charge of operating the fast-charging station. With a maximum output of 160 KW, two electric cars can be charged CO2-neutrally with green electricity.

The total cost of the Münchehof e-fuelling station is around €70,000. Fels contributed to the project with an investment grant totalling €15,000. “With our support, we want to make a positive contribution to the local transport transition,” emphasises plant manager Göbel. “Fels-Werke is involved in many communal projects to improve the quality of life for citizens. This shows that Fels does not just pay lip service to corporate and social responsibility.”

On the picture: Konrad Aichner (left) and André Göbel at the new fast-charging station.

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