Handover of the BVK occupational safety awards for 2022

This week, the Federal Association of the German Lime Industry honoured the Münchehof and Hornberg plants with the Occupational Safety Award for 2022 in recognition of their efforts to create safe working conditions for employees and prevent accidents.

The occupational safety competition has an important function: on the one hand, it shows the companies where they stand in terms of occupational safety, also in comparison to their competitors in the lime industry. However, good results in the occupational safety competition are also confirmation of successful efforts to improve within the company. The occupational safety competition is therefore an incentive for the companies and at the same time an expression of the appreciation of the entire industry for the successful actions of the BVK member plants.

The Münchehof lime works received the gold certificate for outstanding results with an excellent safety index of 239.51.

The Hornberg plant was awarded a bronze certificate for a safety index of 175.11.

In addition, the following plants received a commendation for being accident-free for several consecutive years:
5 years accident-free: Fels-Werke GmbH, Hornberg
3 years accident-free: Fels-Werke GmbH, Gillersheim

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