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Professional development

Our employees are the foundation of the company. For this reason, the development of our employees through targeted training programmes is extremely important.

Employee appraisals

Measures for professional and personal development are discussed and recorded in regular employee appraisals. Our most important concern is to develop our employees in a targeted and practical manner so that they can be optimally integrated into the processes of our company.

Further training

We offer a wide range of seminars for committed employees to maintain and expand their skills and abilities.

Talent management

We regularly identify high-potential employees who are individually supported and thus prepared for further tasks. In this way, we create long-term prospects for our employees and our company.

Language courses

In a globalised world, dealing with foreign languages is essential. English in particular is essential in the world of work. For this reason, we offer language courses in which language skills are specifically worked on and expanded.


In order to keep our employees’ skills and expertise up to date, we offer online training and courses that provide convenient and easy access to knowledge.

Internal job vacancies

Our internal job vacancies enable our employees to reorient themselves within our company or to take on new tasks and grow with them. Not only do our employees benefit from internal recruitment, but so do we as a company.

Qualification for higher positions

We provide targeted support, e.g. for master craftsman and technician training, training as a business administrator/specialist or completing a university degree.

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