The Elbingerode open-cast mine

The Elbingerode complex

The Elbingerode complex on which you are standing is exceptionally thick at 400 metres and is one of the and one of the most important and highest quality mass limestone deposits in Germany.

The massif was formed around 350 million years ago in the Devonian formed. Large parts of the Harz were under under water. Over millions of years, shellfish, crustaceans, mussels and skeletons have accumulated on the ground, shellfish, crustaceans, mussels and skeletons have sedimented and solidified into extraordinarily hard limestone.

The Elbingerode open-cast mine

Exploration work began in 1971. In 1973, the Elbingerode open-cast mine went into regular operation.

From the three Upper Harz locations Rübeland, Kaltes Tal and Hornberg, industrial customers are supplied to industrial customers by rail or lorry. Approx. 60% of the quantities are transported by rail.

Open-cast mining management